Winter Glory

16th March
Acted by: Directed by: Written by:
Masham Players would like to thank the above for their participation!


M1 (elderly) F7 (25, middle age, elderly). Extras 2M. A drawing-room.

We meet once again the redoubtable quartet of Dame Beatrice and her lodgers — Nan, Hattie and the Brigadier — who featured in Peter Coke's earlier comedies Breath of Spring, Midsummer Mink and Autumn Manoeuvres. This, however, will be positively their last appearance, as due to an unfortunate slip-up in their schemes to put a pathetic pet out of its misery and to help an ageing actress fade away at a peak of happiness, they dispatch themselves heavenwards as well!



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Our next production is 'Neville's Island' by Tim Firth in November 2018. Details to follow.

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