Welcome to Masham Players, the North Yorkshire-based amateur dramatic association. We produce comedies and dramas which delight many people, sometimes including our audience. Come along to our next production and laugh with the cast, cry with the prompt and jeer when you don’t win the raffle.

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Looking forward to 2021: -

As the C19 situation doesn't appear as if it will improve substantially until the Springtime, we do not intend to put on our usual show in March, but instead are planning a one act event in June. This should then lead us nicely into our usual full show in November.

Previous Productions

Due to an ongoing technical error we have been unable to upload our previoius productions since spring 2017.


Next Performance

We hope to do a one act show in June 2021 and then a full length play in November. Please see our news pages for the latest updates.

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