Allo Allo Allo Est There Any Body La?

28th March
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Masham Players would like to thank the above for their participation!


'Allo, 'Allo, 'Allo, (Est There Any Body La?)
- full length farce - 3m 4f , single set

Another visit to Squire Grange where Sir Malcolm Squire has been brutally murdered. The inept police Inspector Sides and Sergeant Fickey, plus the glamorous Eve, are on the case, aided by our old friends Lady Amelia, Mabel and Smalls. When Malcolm reappears as a ghost - visible only to Amelia - the police think she’s going mad. Then the body count starts to mount. Will the police solve the killings before everyone dies? (No.) Who is the mysterious Fifi-ze-French-maid, and why does she bear an uncanny likeness to Eve? Is it the long arm of the law that keeps killing the cast? More madcap mayhem from the “Hello” team - great fun for the audience and the cast. Full of zany humour and plenty of action.

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