Head Over Heels a Big Hit

November's offering of Head Over Heels by Gail Young proved a great hit with Masham audiences.

Over three nights, Masham Players put on the highly entertaining play Head Over Heels by Gail Young. Appreciative audiences were wowed by the lovely script, acting, props, sound and lighting. Comments of 'Superb', 'Slick', 'Best Amateur show I've ever seen' were heard as audience members left after the show. 

This was the first showing of this play away from the authors home city of Chester where it premiered in 2018. It was a Yorkshire premiere! We would certainly recommend this play to other Amdram groups around the country.

All in all this show is probably in the top ten that Masham Players have done in their 75 year existence.


The following is an extract from the local Chester Press -

'Audiences are bound to fall Head Over Heels for Chester-based playwright Gail Young’s latest poignant comedy drama which tackles the topic of the growing demographic that is silver splitters - retired folk who end up going down the rocky road of divorce after many years of marriage.



Depressing topic for a play? Well, it could be, but definitely not in this case, with a powerful comedy drama treatment from the writer. The play focuses in on the painful divorce of Jill and her husband Andy after 32 years of marriage. It addresses the profound sense of loss that can come with divorce, but is also packed with laugh out loud comedic moments that give light to the shade of this potentially depressing topic - and delivers on numerous fronts, providing an action-packed evening of laugh out loud moments mixed with the raw emotions of a heart shattered into tiny pieces. Divorce is never a pretty sight, but this one is funny in oh so many ways..........'

Next Performance

Our next show will be in November 2024. The title is yet to be decided. See 'LATEST NEWS ' for updates.

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